Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Or Not.

Assalamualaikim w.b.t.

first thing first, i went for a futsal last night. it was great! after 1 and a half years, i'm back ma'fudger! wahahahhahahahaha!! and people call me Puyol, which on what purpose i'm 100% sure, it's because of my long curly hair. for those who never seen Puyol before, below is his image.
4 games, and it end up well. no injuries or whatsoever. i'm still haven't recover yet from my knee injury. but with no injury, that's sound promising. my knee is slowly recovers. 1 and a half years without sports man! shnitzz.! that was an awesome comeback!

anyways, i just wanna share with u guys some info about my gigs.
my "supposed" last two months gig had been cancel due to an expected problem. two of them. i hope that this kind of thing will never happen again. and i hope there will be no more "next time".
and my latest gig is on this coming january, date hasn't yet confirm. but the venue is confirm. i'll be playing at the Central Market in the middle of K.L. for those who wants to see me performing live in front of your eyes, please come because this "will" be my last performance. i'm planning to quit my part-time music career.

i'll update more about my gig next time.

thank you.


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